StoutWeb Travel Accounting Software

Essential tool to organise your sales process

Manage lead from different sources
Lead distribution
Follwup and reminders
Lead tracking
Global email managment
Email integration
Documenr sharing
Task and reminder
Lead distribution and reports
Lead Qualification
SEO friendly web pages
Lead log analysis
Per Month usd30 Or For a Yearusd299

Lead Management, Tracking and Reporting is the major edge for any business. A good lead management skill is the key for a healthy and successful business. But, most of the travel agencies are deprived of it because of their dependency on offline processes. The offline process to manage the lead doesn’t provide the easy accessibility to the lead log information and thus they lag the improvisation of the strategies and revenue models.

StoutWeb is the premier travel technology solutions mainly focuses on delivering only world-class technology Travel Agency CRM Software suitable for travel industry. Our products empower mega Business Travel agents, Destination Management Company, Online Travel Agent, Tour Operator and many others. Our CRM System for Travel Agency understands the needs for travel market based on the diverse geographies. We are fully equipped with technology and tools to deliver only best-in-class products for customers across the world, you can consider StoutWeb is the Best CRM provider in India you can get an easy work flow and powerful concept to manage and convert enquiries StoutWeb developed CRM solutions for travel agents.

CRM Software is part of will provide them a simplified platform to manage the leads as well as the daily tracking activities. In addition, it will also enable them to manage reminders and notes for the follow-ups helping them to convert the lead. The major benefit of this product is easy accessibility to the historical data, which could be analysed for to develop the action plan for improvisation of the sales strategies, manpower utilization, supplier selection and revenue generation.

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